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@ all Anti pro-ana people

To clear all confusion: YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!!!

Whether you are stating health risks, reporting blogs, sending hate/threat messages, telling people they could do “so much better” - none of that works.

Anorexia is an addiction. It’s a MENTAL ILLNESS.

Bless your heart most of you all have apparently never had to deal with a serious addiction, or you would know that all those efforts are in vain. You could tell an addict that if they continued with their lifestyle all hell would break loose, the devil himself would come torture him, his whole life would go to ruins and the earth would collapse -none of that could make him change.
The change has to come from the person within.

Maybe some of you have heard of the 12 step program? The first step is to acknowledge that food has become the higher power of the individual. That is a HUGE thing for an addic to acknowledge. Because suddenly that puts their entire life’s goal into a teeny weeny perspective. Suddenly all their ambitions seem worthless. Years of struggle, discepline, and Hard work are made senseless. Not only that but they are put down. Basicially your past is made invalid.
That is not an easy concept to grasp.

You can’t force an addic to accept that. Just like you can’t (and shouldn’t) force a religious believe down other people’s throat you can’t make someone eat that is anorexic -no matter how right, good, or healthy it may be for the individual. You wouldn’t like to be lectured on the bible, or told how much greater your life with Jesus would be. The same goes for anorexics.

They don’t give a damn if their hair falls out, their teeth rot, their inner organes give up or their skin peels. It doesn’t matter to them if they die, suffocate or have a heart attack. All that matters is skinny. Skinny. Skinny.

You may not understand that. You may not respect it. You may even be repulsed by it. But anorexics are human beings. They have feelings, thoughts and needs. They want to share and express themselves just like you do. Their blogs are just as much a means to compensat their life as your blog is. Even if they tag their posts pro-ana and even if they advice others how to fast, starve or whatever HATING ON THEM IS NOT GOING TO HELP!!!

If you want to make a difference and truly do care about their well being INVEST SOME TIME! Get to know them. Send them messages. Hell, they aren’t a bunch of crazy lunatics or wild animals! They can actually hold a conversation and often have remarkable thoughts to share. So talk to them! Show them you care! Make them feel loved and accepted no matter what their size, weight, color, gender, sexuality, age, whatever is! Lead by example.

Stop preaching them that they’re loved by you but instead let them feel it.
You’d be suprised what a huge difference that can make!

So I hope some of you pro-ana haters read this and take it into consideration. Anorexics have a serious mental illness. Just like any other mental illness it can not -let me repeat that- can NOT be cured by reason. You will have to be especially sweet, nice, loving, and caring.

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Today is the first time in a year that I haven’t weighted myself yet and its 11:22pm.
I’m horrified to step on the scale. I know I’ve gained. I know I’m fat.
Please God,
Give me the discepline tomorrow to not disappoint. I have got to loose weight…

I’m considering taking another laxative. That would be the 8th dulcolax. Maybe if I dont see results around 1 or 2am.

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